Ideal Camera Locations to Make the Most out of Surveillance Systems

One of the crucial business needs with high returns on investment, surveillance systems have become a fact rather than a trend in business operations. As the surveillance industry grows, more businesses have switched to network-based system than analog ones. However, the risk exposure to network-based system remains largely unprecedented. The need is to circle down on the issues that pose a threat to breach of cybersecurity as its boundaries of risks and vulnerabilities lie undefined. However, a holistic approach should be taken in order to avoid collapse of security. So, how can you really harness the efficient functionality of a surveillance system? Choosing a strategic location for positioning the cameras is the way to go!

Entrance and Exit

Monitoring the entry and exit can give a clear picture of the people entering and leaving the premise of the business. Entrance/ exit cameras serve the sole purpose of identification. These cameras are often faced with poor lightening whenever the door is opened or when there’s sunlight affecting the exposure of an image. To overcome this, the camera must be placed away from facing the sunlight rather than facing towards the door.

Work Area

Employee monitoring can help prevent, identify, and mitigate many problems. As per statistics, 75 percent of employees pose a moderate to severe threat to the company’s data. The survey participants were categorized into the following profiles – Risk, Novice, and Hero. This research gives strong grounding on the fact that work area monitoring can be crucial as a security risk assessment team can identify any behavior, which can be of potential threat to the company’s data.

Warehouse/ Store Rooms

These areas are high risk exposure areas to theft. However, these places can also be subject to damage from storage conditions like electrical circuit mishaps, temperature conditions, infestation etc. Hence, to avert any kind of inventory loss, monitoring these areas become important.

Boardroom/Meeting Room

The security of meetings can help prevent intellectual property breaches, which is known to cost billions to American businesses. Lots of crucial data like pricing, R&D, production processes, and advertising strategies are shared. Hence, this premise must be secured in order to protect the breach of the company’s privacy.

Security surveillance is a growing need for businesses worldwide. The network-based security surveillance needs to be cyber-hardened in order to ensure cyber security along with catering to the physical security measures. An investment in the integrated approach to security can reap huge benefits.

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