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Use Social Networking to show Your Contact Center Right into a Profit Center

Lately, we sitting lower with Mike Ellsworth of Social Networking Performance Group to speak about the social networking enabled virtual contact center. Mike Ellsworth continues to be buying enterprise technology solutions in excess of twenty years. He’s even the co-author from the book, The Infinite Pipeline: How you can Master Social Networking for Business-to-Business Revenue Achievement. One of the numerous topics within the book is social networking customer support.

Question: Mike, what’s social networking customer support?

Mike Ellsworth: Social networking customer support involves using social networking to enhance the client experience. Be it discovering much more about the client’s background interests before answering a question, or monitoring places to waste time instantly to uncover customer needs before they become problems, social customer support is definitely an make an effort to treat the client as a person, as opposed to just an issue. Using social customer support, you are able to easier produce a relationship using the customer, consequently doing a couple of things: it defuses highly emotional customers – individuals are less likely to yell at someone they are fully aware than in a stranger – also it can create greater client satisfaction – whether or not the customer problem is not resolved. Finally, social customer support could be a gold mine of product and have information. It is simple to get details about what your products must do, from your clients.

Question: For businesses that are not already doing the work, why must they get involved with social networking monitoring and response?

ME: Customer support isn’t frequently regarded as even more than just answering the phones, answering emails, and keeping cranky customers from defecting to competitors. By monitoring social networking, customer support may become positive – agents might help the organization place growing trends of client satisfaction before it might be far too late. Whenever you build relationships customers via social networking, your clients will talk to you differently compared to what they do when they are inflammed in a lengthy stand in the telephone queue. Whenever you consult with them instantly, at the point where they have expressed an issue, it is simple to puppy nip an issue in the bud.

Question: Inside your book, you mention research through the corporate executive board. Do you know us about this?

ME: Sure. The Organization Executive Board did some investigation on customer care. They discovered that failing to reply to a person inside a guaranteed period of time hurts their satisfaction way over simply creating a less-ambitious, and most likely more-realistic, promise.

This reveals an over-all feeling about customer care that isn’t very positive, but is prevalent: Support is simply looking to get you from the phone and will explain lies to do this.

You cannot always deliver the type of prompt solution that buyers would like. However the study found its way worse to overpromise and under deliver.

Question: Exactly what do the thing is Business to business companies doing with social networking?

ME: Many Business to business information mill getting out of bed that social networking isn’t just for B2C companies. They are utilizing it to market – the main focus in our book. They are also utilizing it for customer support. They are utilizing it to obtain valuable feedback for product. And, they’re utilizing it growing evangelists for his or her brands.

Question: What issues should companies take a look at if they would like to re-vamp their virtual contact center to incorporate social networking?

ME: Well, to begin with, you ought to get social-aware tools for the customer support people. You have to be confident enough to allow your reps spend longer with callers to actually solve their problems instead of spouting scripts. You have to train customer reps to actually discover what your clients think. Every encounter might be a product test panel. You need to set up a problem-solving community and enable customers and prospects to talk about their experience. You might find they’ll solve each other peoples problems too.

But first and foremost, you have to listen by all possible means, which means enabling your reps to pay attention in tangible-time for you to what individuals say regarding your products, your organization, as well as your industry.

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