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What Are the Key Mistakes People Do When Designing A Responsive Website?

Responsive web design ensures sustainability of a business. However, while designing such websites, a lot of people make common types of mistakes. We are going to show you a few such mistakes to avoid at the time of designing a responsive website.

Web pages a lot of time to load

A lot of videos and images on the website slow its speed. This is one of the prime reasons that annoy people while browsing the website. It drives them away. Mobile users generally require convenience at the time of browsing it.

If the speed of the website is slow, then it will bounce. Also, search engines will lower the performance of the website at the time of indexing. So, it is important to use only those elements on the page that are relevant at the time to create a website.

Not learning about the buyer’s persona

One size does not fit all. It is important for a website designer to consider who is the user of the website, when, how and where. This makes it essential to understand buyer’s persona.

Not performing Alpha/Beta testing

It is important to find how the website performs on different devices. It is important to perform live testing of your website before you take it live. It is recommended to test your website on various different devices to properly uncover general user interface issues and then sort them out.

Running short on budget and time for performing user testing is important. However, testing your website on various different devices will assist you in forming your development decision making.

Linking your website to non-mobile friendly websites

This is one of the issues with responsive design where your mobile device is linked to different non-responsive websites. It is required to look for a substitute responsive website to link you to. If you are linking to any external source, it is advised to provide users with a reliable responsive experience.

Designing your website for devices in place of screens

It is required to use the size of the screen for responsive design in place of device classification. This is because today, a lot of mobile phones have size as large as a table and a few desktop manufacturers have size like that of televisions.


A scrupulous thought process is essential to create great compelling responsive designs of a website. Responsive design is important, but you need to do it correctly.

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